Girls’ Day Out

So, now you’ve got the kids sorted for the holidays. What about you? Can you squeeze a day or half a day of time with a friend? With everyone so busy, there’s always heaps to catch up on and it’s great for the soul to spend time with people you can really be yourself with.

Here’s a few simple things we like to do – again, from our neck of the woods but you’ll have similar nearby! (FB denotes the business can be found via Facebook)

  • Take a roadie – head north of Dunedin city for 20 minutes to Blueskin Bay. As well as awesome views from the top of the Kilmog up the coast, the Blueskin Nursery and Cafe has a delicious menu, outdoor seating, a gift shop and staff who know their plants.
  • Retail therapy – spend a morning visiting niche and specialist stores. You’ll be doing local business a favour. Start out at Blueskin Bay with Roadside Attraction who make a unique fashion line of well cut, clothing to fit real Kiwi women.  The workroom is part of the business so you can even see items being crafted. From there, head back into town via Port Chalmers and check out the array of vintage and second hand clothing stores on the main street, then head back along the harbour to the Octagon. In the Lower Quadrant of Moray Place, you’ll find Collectibles (FB), a fantastic boutique featuring pre-loved designer clothing and accessories. Just down the street is Design Withdrawals, who stock designer clothing, accessories, homeware and art. From Moray Place Head up the hill to York Place and you’ll discover Rockbourne Gallery (FB) with its tempting selection of unique jewellery that won’t break the bank. (No sober driver required but save up first so you can get a “just because” treat somewhere along the way).
  • Nourish– who doesn’t love a good farmers’ market? The Otago Farmers’ Market is on Saturday mornings alongside our stunning railway station. I find buying organic produce a bit challenging due to the additional cost but still great to chat to experts about their products and enjoy samples from Central Otago across the Taieri Plains to town.
  • Leg it – Dunedin has a great collection of street art. Maps are available from here. Around 30 paintings now adorn the sides of buildings and alleyways around the city centre. It took us about three hours to get around them all. We parked on Vogel Street and ended there at Vogel Street Kitchen for a refuel. A cheap and cheerful outing.


A selection of Dunedin’s street art…

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