Cheap Thrills

There are plenty of simple ideas to enjoy time with your family and friends, but sometimes, it’s also good to spend time with yourself. To do something just for you for an hour to two. I think we often resist the idea because as busy Mums, it feels selfish to take time out for yourself, like you’re letting the side down somehow. But a couple of hours of me time can help ease the stress levels, ultimately making you more fun to be around at home and possibly more productive at work.

Simple ways to unwind:

  • Lilliput Libraries – Dunedin has an awesome collection of “little libraries” around town. We’ve got one down the road where I’ve found some great reads from classics to chick lit. The rule is to replace what you take. Ours is handily located in front of the local coffee cart Artisan State (visit them on Facebook) so inevitably, a book swap evolves into a chat with our friendly baristas and other locals.
  • Reward points – we don’t clock up lots of reward points but often enough for a magazine subscription. I use them to to subscribe to my favourite magazines then curl up in the sun to read them.
  • Phone a friend – we “keep in touch” via social media networks but when did you last ring an out of town friend for a chat? Don’t try to schedule a time that suits you both (there won’t be one), just pick up the phone and ring.
  • Write a card – same as above. Buy or make a pretty card and write a note to a friend. More personal and shows you care.
  • Pinterest – I’m partially addicted to looking for ideas on Pinterest, both for home and work inspiration. Once you start delving into boards, there’s no going back. I have friends who’ve given builders and architects a good handle on their vision by keeping Pinterest boards of ideas. Share and share alike.
  • Recipe books – browse through recipe books either from your own collection  or borrow from a friend. If you’re stuck in a fug of preparing the same meals over and over, use some down time to plan ahead and get inspired.
  • Take a bath – not just a bath but a long, hot soak. With a book, candles and wine. Tell the family you’re unavailable for 30 minutes.
  • Loves me not – pick some flowers and put them in a vase. There’s a family who live near us selling bunches of flowers at their gate for $2. A couple of bunches in a vase look great and you’re supporting local enterprise (probably kids).
  • Sort out photos – if you’re like us, you’ll have hundreds of photos on your phone. Take time out to download and sort into folders. Wait ’til the next cheap offer and you’ll be ready to go!
  • Make a playlist – Another thing I enjoy is spending time finding old songs or, trying out new music on Spotify. Currently top of my library of playlists is  Coffee and Chill.

They may be little things but they might make a big difference to how you feel about life in general. So what cheap thrills are you recommending? 😉

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