Parental Privilege

With Mothers’ Day almost upon us here in New Zealand, it struck me that tomorrow will be bitter sweet for many women.

Some women choose not to have children. And it’s great motherhood is a choice as it’s not a step to be taken lightly.

But spare a thought for those who would love to have children of their own but can’t. It’s a painful place to be. Some just don’t meet the right partner at the right time. And there are those who’ve battled with female or male infertility, undergone painful procedures, remortgaged their homes and put their relationships under immense pressure. Some suffer relationship breakups due to the stress of infertility. For others their relationships strengthen through the gruelling process of trying to conceive.

Each and every one of the precious people I know in this position are remarkable individuals with lots of love to give. After something akin to a grieving process, they come out the other end stronger but changed. Because it’s one of life’s greatest cruelties and saddest ironies that some of the people who would make the best patents ever never get the chance.

So next time you’re cleaning handprints off the glass or berating a teen for the state of their bedroom, remember these small trials are a privilege.

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