Happy Mothers’ Day!

There’s a saying that having children is like wearing a piece of your heart on the outside every day.  When they hurt, you hurt. When they laugh, you laugh. You want so much for them and yet so little – be happy, look after yourself, be kind, don’t give your heart away lightly. There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for them. It’s a remarkable, extraordinary love.

Children bring the big stuff to our lives. But what I’ve realised is the value in the little things. The glee of swinging as high as you can, the satisfaction and of creating – rocket ships and necklaces, sand castles and play dough cupcakes. The sheer joy of swimming in rivers, pools and beaches ’cause its way more fun than watching. The excitement of backyard cricket matches and water slides, the pride in growing a sunflower from a seed or making a thank you card then posting it.

Perhaps one of the greatest gifts our children, and all the children we know and love, bring is reminding us what it feels like to be a kids again – the wonder of discovery, the joy of creating,  the satisfaction of learning and the pleasure of friendship.

So this Mothers’ Day, as you chew the burnt toast and knock it back with lukewarm milky tea, you’ll do it with a childish giggle and a heart full of love ’cause that’s what Mums do.

Happy Mothers Day.


Me and Mum circa 1973

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