Simple Short Cuts

There’s nothing like time saving devices to make the weeks run smoother. My parents used to have one of those tacky encouragements (sorry Mum) in the kitchen that said “My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.” Now I get it.

There’s a difference between show home tidy and organised chaos. I’ve become less concerned with having things tidy all the time in exchange for having the house clean most of the time. Keeping up with the washing, floors, bathrooms and meals takes precedence over bigger stuff like cleaning windows, ovens and cupboards. It would be great to have time to get onto bigger stuff more often but at the end of the day the kids are happier that you spend time with them rather than subbing out to clean windows. And so are we.

A lot of housework is repetitive and pointless. So why make extra work when you’re already busy? Here’s some simple time savers I’m embracing:

  • Be selective about putting away clean washing – leave folded sports gear on top of their drawers, ready to go. What’s the point in washing and putting the same stuff away again and again?
  • Self-management – make kids pack their own sports/extra curricular stuff the night before. Just do a verbal check and then there’s no panic the next morning.
  • Appliance access – streamlined kitchens and butlers’ pantries are the stuff of TV shows for most of us. If you need it often, leave it out.
  • Lunches – don’t bother putting the lunch boxes away every night. Leave them out and throw as much as you can in the night before school. And yes, I freely admit to putting packaged items in there.
  • Mid-week semi – most of our housework is done in the weekends but around Wednesday I do a quick semi – hand basins, loos, lux.
  • Changing beds – I used to do them all every Saturday morning. Before sports. Ugh. Now I rotate – so from Thursday to Sunday there’s one set going out not three at once. I also skip if the weather’s crap.
  • Stack it – kids fill up woodbox in morning, I set fire ready to go when home.
  • Double up – if you’re making meals ahead (casseroles etc) double up and freeze half.
  • Weekly shops – yes to the list and try a week night when there’s less people around. Leaving it to the weekend is chaotic.

At the end of the day, it’s about working smarter not harder right?!


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