Shades of Grey

The best advice ever about balancing work and life demands for working mums? Be kind to yourself. Achieving work life balance is elusive. Some might even say it’s idealistic – that we should put on our big girl pants and get on with it!

When you’re busy, something always has to give. For many working mums, it’s fitness. We spend so much time and energy caring for others, that caring for ourselves drops down the list. Too often, the things that help us be better parents/caregivers/teachers/nurses/physios/ – (insert whichever hats you wear) are the things we tend to shelve.

We’re aware of the importance of fitness, time out, creativity, friendships but finding time for things we know sustain and nurture us is challenging.

And I think that’s because the concept of work life balance isn’t black and white. It’s shades of grey. Some weeks, you fit the exercise in, some you don’t. Some weeks you make the coffee with a friend, others you can’t. The trick is not to let that missed ideal become a thing. By that mean, another things to feel guilty about!

Work life balance is about shades of grey. Some weeks/months/years we manage to get the balance right, others we don’t. And in the long run, that’s okay. Just be kind to yourself. Accept that it’s one of those days/weeks/months and move on.

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