Travel Lightly

Gone are the days when even a long weekend required an arsenal of equipment. It’s a bit of a relief when you pass the period when 80% of the boot space is required for strollers, portacots, highchairs and all the other extras that come with small people. It certainly teaches you to pack lightly!

Travelling with family is all about getting the mix right between what everyone will need and being economical – no one needs three days worth of washing when you get home. Talk about┬ápost-holiday blues.

But what about you? Do you leave your bag til last then chuck everything in at the last minute only to realise when you arrive at your destination that you’ve left your sneakers behind, you don’t have anything decent to wear out to tea and you’re a bit light on layers?

If you’ve read Wardrobe Woes, you’ll know my mantra is all about buying clothes that don’t date, can be worn across seasons and work with what you already have.

So when we head off on our next break, I’ll be taking 11 pieces and three pairs of shoes. This will fit into a small carry on bag and still leave room for a couple of purchases ­čśë

I start with a colour scheme (green and melon this time) and choose items that can be worn in multiple combinations.

Although we cop a bit of flak for our collective penchant for wearing black in Dunedin, it makes a lot of sense when travelling – you can dress black up or down and it’s easy to sponge off marks on the move.

So my go to for our next holiday includes:

  • One pair stonewashed skinny jeans
  • One pair black trousers
  • One green floral dress
  • One black dress
  • One pair black shorts
  • One navy and white striped skirt
  • One melon long tee
  • One smokey grey and melon shift
  • One green and melon tunic
  • Two cardigans

This provides a mix of casual, tidy and comfortable outfits. The grey sheer top was a great buy from Black Sheep Boutique in Owaka that can be worn with skirts, dresses and trousers. It doesn’t need ironed and takes up no room. You can also rinse and dry overnight. The floral dress is from Roadside Attraction at Blueskin Bay. I no longer subscribe to the “keeping it for good” idea ┬á– much better to wear what you love. The green and melon tunic was a great online buy from Summerhouse NZ┬áthat can be worn over trousers (aka Kiwi fashion style!) and on its own as a dress.

I’m a big fan of cardigans so will take one black and one melon for the evening. Instant warmth.

In terms of footwear, black pumps for dressing up, rose gold slides for dressing down and floral pull on street shoes for casual. In terms of accessories I’ll add a peach scarf (also really warm around the neck this time of year) and a black fedora for the sun.

Less is definitely more when it comes to travelling.

So what are your suggestions for travelling light?

PS find more ideas for capsule dressing and working mum style here

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