The M Word

Imagine my horror when the doctor passed a list of peri-menopausal symptoms over. What the? Peri what? Okay so I’m knackered but out to pasture?! It seems once we hit our middle years, a frighteningly long list of ailments can be classified as peri-menopausal. These are symptoms that occur as women’s bodies prepare to make yet another bloody “transition” though life (no pun intended).

Yup. If you’re feeling nauseous, too hot, too cold, head-achy, off sex, having trouble sleeping, putting on a few kilos (but never where you want to), your body could be trying to tell you something.

The fun never ends does it? After hurtling through puberty, blooming through pregnancy, labouring through childbirth, nurturing via breast feeding you hit a semblance of oh, hello body, nice to have you back again. You might even be wise enough to find a new level of respect for your body and its many achievements. Enter Mother Nature who decides to turn everything on it’s head, again.

Menopause occurs anywhere between 45 and 55. Some women experience early menopause due to other health issues. The average age is about 50. Some sail through, others I’ve spoken to struggle.

At the extreme end of managing symptoms, H.R.T may be needed (hormone replacement therapy) but for others simple steps such as cutting back on caffeine and alcohol, reducing carbs and careful sleep management combined with calming activities might be adequate. there are a raft of natural therapies available aimed at redressing imbalances brought about by menopause in certain minerals such as zinc. Definitely talk to your GP and then a naturopath.

Like most life changes, talking to other women also helps – especially those in your family as there can be patterns in how these changes unfold. At the very least, you can laugh in shared solidarity of the highs and lows of being female.


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  1. Well said Michele. Doctors seem to have a box for everyone. My last doctor’s visit up the threw up the “retired” box. Me, “My ankle hurts” Doctor, “What do you expect your 69!”


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