Online’s Just Fine

If you’re totally organised, you might have a stash of gifts (generic and personalised) tucked away safely. If you’re organised, you might saunter through shops, sift through sales tables and lock in bargains on a regular basis.  Mid-week party invite? No problems.

If you’re a working mum, you probably don’t have time to plan ahead. If you”re a working mum, one minute it’s June next it’s July and good grief your nephew’s about to turn 18! How did that happen? You were so much more onto it when he was little …

Fear not. Online shopping is great for Mums who are short of time to head to the shops, find a park, browse the bargains punctuated by a leisurely coffee or two. In the cyber world you can start shopping at 11pm, make your purchase, head to bed and have it delivered within a few days. Bliss.

While my preference is to shop local, I’m also a fan of several online stories that have saved my bacon more than once as well as yielding unique gifts that have arrived intact and sometimes even gift wrapped.

Here’s a few for you terrible types who admit to letting the odd key date slip!

  • Iconic design store Iko Iko is located in Manners Street Mall, Wellington featuring everything from the sublime to the ridiculous. My Australian family love their wahine and native bird stacking dolls.
  • Zamm Lights offer contemporary handcrafted lamp designed by Anna Leydon. A classy touch of Aoteoroa for your home.
  • And if you’re looking for a touch of Kiwi, try The Vault for a large range of gifts. Free gift wrap and delivery in NZ.
  • Not Just Socks is also great for novelty gifts. An ideal site for hard to shop for males including a car boot organiser for aforementioned nephew.
  • Pop Motif offers a fantastic range of art prints from Banksy to Klimt. Free postage for orders over $100.
  • For new parents and babies you can’t go past Nature Baby which boosts a range of organic clothes, toys and baby guff.



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