Get Hygge With It

If you haven’t come across hygge yet, let me introduce to a term synonymous with Danish hospitality and wellbeing. Hygge is the name given to an atmosphere and experience of cosiness, wellbeing and happiness. It’s also sometimes called the art of creating intimacy. The word originates from a Norwegian word meaning wellbeing and also the word hug. Aw!

Hygge is the welcoming vibe you get from some homes, it’s enjoying simple pleasures with family and friends and it’s the mindfulness that comes from appreciating these spaces and moments. Basically hygge is the antidote to the frantic, technology-led, task-driven lifestyles many of us lead by choice or necessity.

Creating this vibe doesn’t have to cost the earth. A friend of mine, who is raising three children on her own, is the master of arranging interiors that ensure her home is warm, inviting and chilled. She’s set up zones within the main living space to create intimate and relaxed spaces. An old armchair by the fire with a lamp behind it, pot plant alongside and stack of art books from the library is her happy place.

Other ideas for injecting your space with hygge include:

  • create hygge nooks – inside rooms or in outdoor areas depending on where you live
  • opt for lamps instead of overhead lighting
  • use neutral tones and hues to create calm
  • light gently scented candles/burn essential oils
  • invest in cushion and throws made from natural fibres
  • have technology free rooms
  • pot plants clean the air and bring the outdoors in peace lilies and succulents are hardy

The concept of hygge goes past interior style to leisure time. Proponents recommend:

  • invite friends around for a shared meal
  • use the slow cooker
  • make preserves and jam
  • keep a gratitude journal
  • wrap up and go for a beach walk
  • write a letter
  • do some exercise indoors – try yoga or weights
  • listen to music

It’s the little things that make a big difference at the end of the day.


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