Road Tripping

If half the fun is in getting there, try a road trip with friends

Parent like a Minimalist

Stop hovering and start lounging. Parenting like a minimalist helps to grow resilient human beings. #lifeskills

Is it bad form to reblog your own post? Not sure but open night madness is here!

The Simple Life

It’s secondary school Open Night season in Dunedin. All over the city, nervous Year 8s (and sometimes even younger children) are trudging around various secondary schools as anxious parents attempt to find the best educational fit for them. And of course, they all scrub up well. From the freshly pressed uniforms donned by smiling, courteous current pupils to the latest technology proudly on display.

Signs are erected, advertising spreads booked and freebies ordered as each school vies to entice the next generation of learners amidst the challenging environment of falling or static rolls. (Just think what that money might buy if invested in classroom resources 😦 )

And you can’t blame schools. This is exactly the environment that Tomorrows Schools created when it was introduced in the late-80s. Schools have adapted quickly, learned to write websites, created marketing plans and sadly, when demographics drive budgets, become less collaborative over time.

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