Simplify Your Wardrobe

One place in the home where less is definitely more is in the wardrobe.

Ours is definitely a tale of two personalities – one half bursting at the seams with dozens of garments, some untouched for decades. The other shows a winter-summer divide which is split again into garment type and then sorted by colour. Ah yes, a hoarder and a control freak! How does that work? (By steering clear of each others’ territory generally!)

In a bid to keep things simple after a period spent moving house every couple of years, I’ve adopted a rigorous approach to wardrobe management. Don’t love it? It’s out. Too tight? It’s gone. Marked? See you later.

Of course it doesn’t pay to be too ruthless. Keep items you wear often, need and love. But if you haven’t worn it for more than a couple of years, are avoiding said garment because it doesn’t look like you imagined or if it simply no longer fits, time to be brave.

There are plenty of options for pre-loved garments. Support a worthy cause by passing (clean) surplus garments to a clothing collection bin or donating quality items to a second hand store. In Dunedin, Shop on Carroll run by Presbyterian Support Otago is a good starter. If you could do with the cash yourself, try boutiques such as Collectibles or Inside-Out Clothing. There’s nothing nicer than popping in and finding you’re owed a few dollars – and they’re great places to reinvest that cash too!

You could also host a swap day with friends or see if you local school’s textiles department is looking for garments that students can adjust and upcycle as part of their studies.

By commiting to a regular cull, your wardrobe becomes easier to manage. There’s something pretty satisfying in having just a few items you really love to pick from.

And if your edited wardrobe means you have a better handle on how to utilise what you already own, then you’ll probably make fewer impulse buys thus saving money for good quality garments that will last for longer. Like the thinking?!

I’d call that a win:win.

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