Road Tripping

There’s something liberating about escaping, even for a day, with a few friends on a road trip. You don’t have to go far – sometimes a break from the routine is half the fun!

There are road trips and there are road trips of course. Road trips taken as a teenager/20- something have a different vibe to a roadie with the family which differs again to hitting the road with friends!

When planning a trip, it’s important to think of what everyone likes doing. In New Zealand, we’re spoiled for choice as even our largest cities are close to a range of beautiful natural environments. And increasingly rural districts are home to amazing eateries, galleries and quirky businesses.

Taking the road less travelled is a a good way to surprise your passengers, get off the main roads and discover hidden gems. Before you go make sure you:

  • check the pressure on your tyres
  • fill up with enough petrol to get you through a day
  • pack water and snacks
  • have a play list or two handy
  • study the route and check for road works

Personal favourites include:

So many roads to take! The main thing is to take your time, follow your nose, stop often and savour every moment. 


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