This Guy

This guy worked hard last week. He got up at 6.30am every day to light the fire and make his sons’ lunches. On Wednesday he worked late as a school caretaker supporting staff at an open night. The next day he set up the cross country course, rescued balls from the roof and fixed a broken futsal net.

On Tuesday, after work, he coached an Under 11 rugby team and on Thursday, stepped in for a sick teacher to manage a mini-ball team. On Friday, he took his youngest son to another rugby practice in preparation for a “big final” the next day.

The big final was a nail bitter and didn’t go his team’s way. They lost in the last two minutes to a penalty goal. Twenty-five wee boys were gutted. Some got angry, some cried, some just hung their heads. This guy patted them on the back, told them there’d be another year and picked up their rubbish before leaving the field.

Then he went and got the groceries so his wife could make lunch for visitors.

Later, after all the rugby gear was washed and the boots were scrubbed, he went to the club rooms and clapped for the kids, talked to their parents and cleared rubbish off the tables.

Sunday, being a day of rest, he picked up five wee boys for a belated birthday bash – good timing he reckoned after the previous day’s disappointment. So he took them for a game of Laser Tag then out for a burger. “Hanging with da boys” the text read with a pic of five wee boys smiling, faces full of burger, yesterday’s game a memory. Then he dropped them home, picking up his older son from a friend’s and headed home to make tea – so his wife, who’d been working, could have a break. He poured her a wine and started crumbing the fish.

This guy doesn’t say much. But his actions speak volumes. He has raised/is raising four children. And there are hundreds of children and teenagers around Dunedin who know him by name.

This guy is an amazing Dad and a wonderful human being.

That’s why I married him.


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