Light up your home

A while back I posted about the Danish concept of hygge – creating comfortable living spaces that contribute to a sense of well being. Spaces that encourage conversation, rest and reflection.

Along with using furnishings made from natural products featuring calming colour palettes that are not overly organised, lighting is key to creating a relaxed vibe.

I love low lighting created by lamps. The warm glow that’s cast from a well-placed lamp humbly emanating from a quiet corner. In winter, one of the first things I do when I get home is pull the curtains and turn on the lamps in bedrooms and the stairwell. Nothing better than hunkering down for the evening.

In summer, we enjoy late nightfall and long days. It’s often still light enough to be outside at 10pm – even later if you live further south! At this time of year, there’s nothing nicer than fairy lights, garden lights and candles when relaxing outdoors. An easy way to pretty up the place and create a festive feeling. Why restrict fairy lights to Christmas? We drape ours over the upstairs deck and around the garage and leave them there long past December.

A friend recently returned overseas with some gorgeous outdoor lights ¬†– a memento from her sister’s fairytale wedding. The bulbs are hidden inside a whimsical fabric flower. She’s draped these over a punga in her outdoor area and they look great. I keep expecting fairies to make an appearance when we are catching up outside.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you ask!) our home has reached its quota of lamps. There are no more corners to festoon although I do have my eye on a floor lamp for the ¬†upstairs lounge … and Christmas is just around the corner – never say never!





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