Garden art

There is something infinitely satisfying about getting some dirt under your fingernails and creating beautiful spaces outside. These days, not many of us are surrounded by large swathes of green space begging for some tender loving care.  And the booming garden art industry can be expensive.

To be honest, while I appreciate large rambling country estates, quirky roof top oases and thoughtfully arranged potager gardens, I don’t really have the time to invest in such spaces just at the moment.

But you don’t need a big budget or excess green space to indulge in a little one on one time with Mother Nature and joosh up your outdoor areas, however limited the space.

Look at what you have lying around and see if you can up-cycle it – a rusted wheel barrow  can become home to cascading (and always cheap) Lobelia or used an old picture frame encase a three dimensional display of Viola (also cheap and self seeds).

Take the kids out on a rock hunt for some large rocks, trace the outline of their hands onto them and then use small pebbles and super glue the outline to create a cute memento. Great for gifts at this time of year.

Many years ago, my youngest stepdaughter decorated cheap garden pots with glass stones bought from the $2 shop then gave them to her to grandparents for Christmas. The pots and stones came well within her budget but I am pretty sure the recipients were most chuffed with the fact she has taken the time to make them and delighted in her explanation of the process.

We’re are part way through making an outdoor shower (I swear most of Brigthon Beach ends up in our lounge over Summ

er). An old damaged surf board found in the garage rafters is getting a face lift after I spied a similar idea on Pinterest.  The aim is to attach it to the outside of the shower. Hasn’t cost me a cent really as the board was left behind when we moved in. I simply scrapped the old wax off with hot water, sanded it back a little, then painted it with three left over test pots of paint mixed together. This year I’ve saved and collected used coffee pods, took the tops off with a craft knife, cleaned them out, squashed them in a vice and hot glued them to the board. Voila. Cheapest outdoor art ever.

For more ideas/inspiration on DIY for your home and garden, check out The Simple Life’s DIY pinterest page.

“Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

Hans Christian Andersen.



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  1. Nearly our entire yard is built from salvaged materials my husband has brought home. He rescued hundreds of bricks from old derelict factories and laid wonderful winding paths and lined our sidewalks. He is constantly finding things lying by the road that he uses to fix up the yard. Here when you don’t want something any more, you leave it on the curb for others. Not only have we passed on many items, we have found things for our yard and house that way too. It’s nice to not have to waste anything. Your shower sounds great!


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