Movement Motivators

Heading into Summer here in the Southern Hemisphere and school’s almost out so in theory, finding time to exercise should get easier. Right?

Some days you just need that little bit extra to throw the shoes on and get moving. In the past I’ve entered events and found that helped keep me going – from 5km to 10km to 22km, if you have a date and have paid the entry, it tends to keep you going!

I can recommend the Catlins Coastal ChallengeOtago Peninsula Challenge, Taieri Mouth Coastal Classic, and the Dunedin Marathon. These events often double as fundraisers for local communities and, you get to enjoy stunning views via access private land not usually open to the public.

The Running for Weight Loss app (Grinasys Corp) is an eight week programme that builds up to around 50 minute workouts. The basic version includes a series of weekly workouts broken into intervals of running, walking and sprints (not something I’d usually do). A “personal trainer” tells you what to do and offers encouragements while the app keeps a record of workouts completed. You can also enter your weight to see if it’s making a difference – if that’s your goal.

I used the no frills version but in app purchases allow you to add personal musical preferences and nutritional advice.

If shedding kilos isn’t your main motivator, the Running Heroes website is like a frequent flyers programme offering discounts on a range of fitness and health related items. All you have to do it set up an account and link it to a tracking app (works with Strava, Runkeeper, Fitbit, Garmin and Nike +). Then sign up for challenges and once you complete one, you are entered in a draw to win products. Each km you run is converted into points you can use for product discount vouchers.

In terms of overall well being, make sure you take time to stop and enjoy where you are. Be aware of the scenery, breathe it in, say a quick thanks for limbs that move and the space to move in.


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