Taking a break

Confession time. I am hopeless at taking breaks. And sleeping in. Today marks the official first day of my Summer holidays and so far I’ve:

  • Taken youngest son to school (such a treat!)
  • Posted overseas Christmas presents
  • Made Xmas fudge for our kids’ teachers
  • Filed all our bills for the past three months
  • Made and delivered a gift basket for a neighbour who helps walk our dog
  • Made and delivered invites for a neighbourhood BBQ on Sunday
  • Responded to a query from a colleague needing help to plan a Media Studies course
  • Taken down and soaked all the net curtains

And yes, it’s only early afternoon here.

I long ago accepted that there is weird transition phase I need to go through to truly switch off. In the long run, going through this process helps me relax. So doing tedious household chores, acknowledging those who supported us throughout the year and answering last minute emails is all part of a winding down process. It makes sense that there is part of your brain that struggles with having 1271 tabs open at the same time to a mere 70 in the space of 48 hours!

Before I evolve into a full blown Kiwi version of Martha Stewart, there are few self-imposed rules I’ve developed to ensure my brain and body do take a break:

Switching off can be an art all in itself. But taking a break is so important for well being. You don’t have to travel far or spend much money to benefit and make the most of very blissful moment. Make sure you create those moments. We owe it to ourselves.

Happy holidays everyone.



3 thoughts on “Taking a break

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  1. I’m exactly the same! I really look forward to mornings in bed… but find I wake up at 5AM desperate to polish underneath the toilet. Sounds like you’re busy with nicer tasks that this at least?!


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