Simply Fabulous

You’ve probably noticed by now that some of the most attractive people you know aren’t size 6 supermodels. Some people just seem to have the knack of putting things together in a way that works.

These people know what works for their body size/shape, the know how to accessorise and they wear what they love with aplomb. Remember the BBC 1 show What Not to Wear with hosts Trinny and Susannah? Even the hosts were totally different shapes and sizes and weren’t “pretty” in a traditional sense but man those two could make people look fantastic. They really nailed the wear what works for you mantra. Lots of common sense advice I suspect our Grannies were probably well schooled in too.

Because as we also know, beauty comes from within. It’s quite likely the most stylish people you admire are successful at wearing a positive attitude.

In the middle of the year when the days are long, the marking relentless, the late nights too many to count, it’s easy just to grab what you wore the day before, make sure its clean and chuck it on. Stuck in a fug (OK. Technically fug means smoky/stuffy atmosphere but it can also mean stale so I’m claiming it as an adjective describing the state of being a bit worn down/stuck in a rut.)

In a fug

We all have outfits reserved for “special occasions.” And there’s bound to be a couple of things in your wardrobe that people make positive comments about. I’m not talking about expensive brands and designer accessories. It might be a shirt featuring colours that match your eyes and is cut in a way that suits you or a long floral skirt that oozes femininity and makes you feel like a fairy princess. It might be a quirky pair of shoes that you love but worry that they’re not quite on trend.

To get out of the fug, take the most flattering,  loved, “just for good” outfits from the back of your wardrobe and stick them at the front.  If you’re stuck for inspiration, visit The Simple Life Fashion on pinterest for tips and lots of capsule dressing ideas.

Aim to wear those outfits for an entire working week and see if it makes a difference to how you feel about yourself and life in general. Of course we’re all old enough to understand that self-esteem shouldn’t be tied to physical appearance but it’s definitely a confidence boost to wear things that make you feel good. Be absolutely fabulous every day.


The only for good dress


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