Personal Space

Our homes can be pretty busy spaces these days. Hives of activity with people coming and going, music playing, kids yelling and various devices adding to the melee.

While many parents garner a sense of pride in creating spaces for their kids to chill/study/play/rest, we don’t always put the same effort into creating personal spaces just for us.

And I’m not talking about personal gyms/libraries/dressing rooms/sewing rooms etc. Although if you can do those things, you should!

Even when budgets dictate frugality, it might still be possible to create a space of your own simply by moving furniture around and thinking about a time of day when you are likely to take a few minutes out.

If you’re a morning person is there a space at the breakfast bar where you could sit in the sun and enjoy your morning cuppa quietly before everyone else starts their day?

If you’re a night owl, perhaps placing a rug over the couch arm and a lamp in the corner with that library book you’ve been meaning to finish handy for later?

Outside there might be a corner of the garden just waiting for a cheap cafe setting where you can grab some Vitamin D during the day or light a candle and try some deep breathing in the evening.

Is there a view from one of your windows you really like but rarely pause to enjoy?

Women tend to invest time and energy into creating homes for other people to enjoy, it seems a shame not to do the same for ourselves.


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