Fuel Up

According to nutritionists, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A lot of people simply aren’t breakfast people. I’m not one of them which is just as well given my job means I often don’t get to stop for lunch making a healthy start pretty important.

But clearly there are breakfasts, and then there are breakfasts. Sugar laden jam and bread might provide a quick sugar boost that pushes you through til about 10am but by about 2pm you’ll probably hit a sugar low, feel sluggish and probably a bit grumpy.

I’m trying to make sure I have healthier breakfast options available this year that are easy to grab and laden with protein to get me through. Here’s a few ideas:

  • If you’ve got time, poach a couple of eggs. I invested in a poacher recently and find it makes me more inclined to go for this option cause the eggs end up nice and round rather than dribbling through the pan! Drop some spinach on top and plop them onto a dark rye bread. (Expensive now in NZ but worth the extra as it fills you up more.)
  • Blend a banana, some berries, milk, yoghurt, spinach and a hand full of nuts. Drink in the car or through morning meetings if you’re under the pump.
  • Plan ahead – make some mini frittatas in muffin tins using left overs (kumera, chicken, fish, mushroom, capsicum). Whisk a bit of cream and grated tasty cheese. Our through filling directly in tins.
  • Add a handful of blueberries on top of yoghurt to muesli. Most of the supermarket brands of muesli I buy is pretty dry so the extra juice makes it more palatable.
  • In a rush – toast rye bread, add fresh tomatoes and drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Use hummus instead of margarine/butter. Or mash some bananas or avocados and spread onto toast.

What’s your favourite quick protein boost?

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