Loving What You Have

Everyone’s heard the old adage about counting your blessings. But most of us go through phases where we forget to appreciate what we have and instead focus on the absence of other stuff.

Sometimes this is due to personal injury or illness or (worse for Mums), injury or illness of those you love. At times it is undeniably hard to see the positives.

I had heaps of issues with my knee from the age of about 17-21 and spent six months at University hobbling around on crutches. It was a real eye opener. I sat at the front of lectures alongside students with physical disabilities/impairments and got a taste of the extra challenges they faced on a daily basis.

I remember thinking that when I had my mobility back, I would never worry about my weight again. I was just so grateful to have two working legs that everything else seemed trivial. But of course, over time, you sometimes lose your way and forget those hard earned lessons.

In a highly consumer driven society it’s easy to focus on the lack – of what we would like to have/be but don’t have. Life’s not fair. Study/experience and hard work doesn’t always equate to the most holidays/stuff/downtime/super funds. Life’s just not like that.

So rather than get caught up in negative processing (you know the same sad stuff going around and around in your head), it’s better to pause and reflect on what you do have. What are you grateful for right now?

Sometimes when there is negative stuff happening (and none of us can avoid that), it pays to do a wee mental inventory of the other stuff. It might not solve the bad things that happen but it can provide emotional respite.

I’m grateful for my husband who is an awesome Dad and works so hard. I’m grateful for my sons who make me laugh and enrich my life every day. I’m grateful for workmates who help me when the going gets tough and for students who come to school ready to learn. I’m grateful that even though my knee will never be “right” I can lead a relatively active lifestyle. I’m especially grateful for having a warm home and living near the beach. I love my commute to and from work. I’m grateful that I love learning and reading because whatever my income, I will never be bored.  On balance there’s a heck of lot more to be grateful for than not.

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