Back to Basics

With the best of intentions, we all experience times when personal wellbeing takes a back seat to Life In General. And that’s especially true for working Mums.

Lately I’ve struggled to maintain or even hang on to the ideas I’ve cultivated, nurtured and practiced via My Simplicity over the past year. I know exactly how this has happened and why  (work demands, busy kids, tight budget, change of season, time of life) but the real challenge is regaining control. In other words, how to walk the talk.

But every day is a new day and while I can wallow over a few lost months, it’s time take control back. Today I jumped back in the driver’s seat.

Firstly, I started blogging again. Yay. A fairly unsentimental dip of the toe in the water (see previous post – still a good read though 😉 ) and now, boots and all. The best bloggers I follow have one thing in common. They all write from the heart. Tips and tricks are good, but nothing beats honesty.

Next, I arranged a meeting with a friend. We exercised together – 45 minutes of water jogging followed by coffee at a seaside cafe. She listened. I listened. We laughed.

At home, I sorted my work diary for the week. Put some boundaries in place – the 20/23 students who didn’t submit their essays on Friday for me to mark this weekend will have to wait longer for feedback. With another 29 essays due for making Monday afternoon, I’m not staying up late all week to mark late submissions which is what I would usually do  negatively impacting on my own wellbeing. And because I’m travelling out of town next weekend, I’m taking next weekend off. So they will have to wait. We’ll call it delayed gratification.

Then I spent some time meditating on the Smiling Mind website which I have neglected for several months. Kicking myself mentally – it’s such an easy thing to do (like everything on this list!).

Since the sun was still shining, I took the dog for a walk. Stopped. Watched the waves. Breathed in and out.

Avoiding work emails which drift in late Sunday, I spent some time in the kitchen and cooked us a healthy tea. It’s a simple yet satisfying act. And I love cooking – especially when I’m not under pressure.

Such simple steps, so easy to neglect. For the last two months I’ve been too tired, too grumpy, too stressed to be bothered with much of the above. The whys haven’t changed. They will still be there tomorrow. I can’t control them. What I can (and will) control is my response.

And the last thing to do? Hit publish.

Be well.






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