More Staycation Ideas

Having things to look forward to is important. Not necessarily things either – but breaks away from the normal routine that sustain and inspire us when the daily grind becomes a bit too much.

Taking a break doesn’t need to involve expensive overseas trips, cruises, flash hotels and shopping sprees. If you’re a busy working Mum with other people to provide for, it’s quite likely those sorts of holidays went by the wayside a while ago.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a break from your routine. If you’re looking for less financially taxing options, try the following:


  • Sign up – even small towns offer community classes in a range of creative outlets. Check out the noticeboard at your local supermarket. You might be surprised what’s on offer – from cooking to flower arranging. There are lots of health benefits from being creative.
  • Museums – set aside a couple of hours for a stroll through your local museum. Pause and closely view the displays, read the panels and immerse yourself in the free learning on offer.
  • Submerge¬† – take a picnic blanket and visit a local beach/river/pool for the day. Make sure you’ve got a good book, some food and let Vitamin D take care of the rest. Or perhaps you have a local salt water pool you can visit for something different?
  • Get back to nature – try a local walking track either through the bush, forest or near the water. Stroll through public gardens and breathe deeply. Notice the different flora and fauna on offer and stop to read the information panels. Maybe your local gardens has a hothouse as well crammed with exotic plants? A great place to be on a cold winter’s day.
  • Get sporty – even if it’s a sport you’ve never played, check out the talent on offer at a local sports match. From ice hockey to basketball, watching top athletes perform even at a local level can be transformative.
  • Take the long road – does you local town offer tourist train rides or bus tours? Play local tourist for the day and see your hometown from a different perspective.

Allowing yourself half a day to try something new can be rejuvenating and enlightening. And it needn’t cost the earth.

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