Whether it’s the end of a busy week or an attempt to ward off cold symptoms, there’s nothing nicer than the simple pleasure of taking a long hot bath.

When our boys were little, I bathed them every day but very rarely had time for a long hot soak myself. Now they are older, it still feels like a treat to draw a bath and shut the world out for a while.

There are plenty of benefits of bathing, both for the body and soul. A long hot soak can help reduce stress, calm muscle pain, improve blood circulation and prevent insomnia.

But it pays to get a bit organised if you’re setting time aside for a relaxing bath.

Make sure the temperature is just right and you’ve got some support for your neck. Light candles beforehand and clear away any clutter. Check that all your beauty treatments are within easy reach and that you have a nice, warm fluffy towel waiting for when you get out. Burning a few essential oils in the room or dropping some directly into the bath also helps. I love the soft scents of Rose or Lavender oils but Bergamot also has calming elements.

And don’t forget to turn the phone off before entering your sensual sanctuary. If it’s important they will call back. If not, they can wait. Then it’s just a matter of enjoying the simple act of self care.

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