Preparing for silly season

It’s about now, the calendar starts exploding with upcoming invites, breakups, concerts and other end of year festivities.

I’ve learned that you should only accept an invitation a) if you genuinely enjoy spending time with the issuer and b) it doesn’t add to your workload/create stress. It is okay to politely decline an invite now and then.

During the September/October school holidays I try to knock off a few wee tasks that make me feel prepared for the coming silly season – part spring cleaning, part emergency preparedness!

None of these jobs lessen the pile of marking in the corner but they do make me feel oddly ready to face the race to the end of the year and still have time to smell the roses occasionally.

  1. WRITE UP all dates you know are coming up on the calendar – first in, first served.
  2. TOY INVENTORY – all toys not touched in last six months get dropped off at homes with small boys
  3. CLEAN the outdoor pots – amazing how a scrub and hose makes you want to fill them up. Buy cheap, bright flowering plants and mass plant.
  4. WASH and IRON duvet and cushion covers – bbq sauce stain be gone!
  5. MEND any torn clothes hanging around in laundry – feels oddly productive to use a needle and thread.
  6. STOCK pantry with some nice crackers for quick platters, ditto with condiments
  7. PRINT any decent digital pics from past year. Get copies of a couple of good ones. Look out for cheap frames – these make easy (and treasured) presents.
  8. CHECK out end of season sales – stock up on a few generic items.
  9. RESEARCH and book any holiday accommodation.
  10. SORT through wardrobe. Clean and iron any clothes not worn in last year. Pop in donation bin for local charity OR see if you can make a few extra dollars selling online.
  11. DISCARD any broken Xmas decorations. Replace in January sales.
  12. CLEAN out pantry – throw out any random items past best date, restock empty jars.
  13. MAKE a a gift box for your favourite charity. SPCA? WOMEN’S REFUGE? They all need money but some charities also need practical goods at this time of year sadly.
  14. REWARD points check – can any be used for Xmas? Maybe a treat for now because if you got to the end of this list, you earned it!

Above all, don’t sweat the small stuff. The end of the year is supposed to be fun not daunting. And remember the reason for the season – whatever that means to you.




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  1. Looked at my December calendar to schedule an appointment and saw the notation “Start of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere.” Envy struck! You have a very long list. Maybe the longer days have inspired you.

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