Stepping Sideways

On Friday I ran away from home. Not really but a spur of the moment decision to head away for the night with girlfriends has reminded me of the importance of social connections.

It’d been a tough week/few weeks/few months. Another family member passed, a couple of 10 hours work days back on back, husband sick in bed for six days and off work for a week (unheard of). By mid-week as a friend and I debriefed, we sent a random SOS  to a former colleague. The response was instant  – an invitation to join her on Friday in a property she’s developing in an historic village an hour’s drive south.

Just come, she said.

Could we, should we? Two nights? No, it would have to be one. But come Friday, by 6pm, we were on the road and heading south.

We arrived to a warm house, music playing, candles burning, food in the oven and hugs. Over the course of the evening we talked, attempted a board game, learned some line dancing and laughed. Lots.

In the morning, we took a leisurely stroll around the village. Played the  “what-I’d-do-if-I-lived-here” game, poked around crammed country stores, chatted to an artist in her studio, shared brunch and drank coffee.

By mid afternoon we were home. My friend off to a sports prize giving for one of her children, me to the laundry. Both with a spring in our step and a smile on our faces. Less than 24 hours of recharging but worth the effort.

For working Mums, there often aren’t enough hours in the day. Personally “who’s the busiest?” is not a competition I choose to take part in. It’s just reality. But sometimes, the best thing we can do is step sideways for a bit because social connections don’t just happen. Like anything good, they must be nurtured and valued to be enjoyed.





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