I was raised in the 1970’s and ’80’s in New Zealand. A time when the Girls Can Do Anything campaign was in full swing. We played with trucks, took woodwork and metal work and later, were advised to study maths and science over the arts.

We were encouraged to get an education, to see the world, to embark on careers. And we did. With gusto. And while it’s now a given that most girls privileged enough to live in countries like New Zealand have more choices than previous generations, the reality is, we still struggle. Of course you can work and be a mum but it’s hard work.

A quick qualifier, this blog isn’t just for mums in paid employment. The ideas should also help stay at home mums and those who juggle raising children with voluntary work and other commitments. We’re all busy in different ways.

After working as a journalist and then in PR, I ran my own communications consultancy before retraining and following a long-held passion to work as an educator. I’ve been a working Mum for 18 years. As well as two energetic sons (currently 13 and 17), I’ve also helped to raise my two stepdaughters.

Aside from an all too brief OE, there hasn’t really been a time when I haven’t worked both inside and outside the home. And it’s been tough at times. But what I’m finding in my 40’s is that there are things in my control I can do to keep things simple.

I’d love to share them with you and hear your tips for juggling motherhood, work, partners, families, businesses, promotions and everything in between.

Ka kite aho!

(See you soon)

Photo: Hope Island Marina, Gold Coast, Australia

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