O-Wonderful, Owaka

There's a lot to love about Owaka.


By the Seaside

Appreciating our surroundings is an important part of mindfulness that contributes to wellbeing. Here are a some of the little things that make me pause and smile in our neighbourhood...

Salad suggestions

Down South, the days are getting longer. After a wet winter, it's nice to know summer is almost here. So many elements that contribute to well being seem easier to achieve when the days are longer and the weather is warmer. Exercise becomes easier - no more running with a headlamp in the mornings and... Continue Reading →

Online’s Just Fine

If you're totally organised, you might have a stash of gifts (generic and personalised) tucked away safely. If you're organised, you might saunter through shops, sift through sales tables and lock in bargains on a regular basis.  Mid-week party invite? No problems. If you're a working mum, you probably don't have time to plan ahead.... Continue Reading →

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